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Cloud Services

Get All the Benefits of the Cloud, Minus the Risk

Cloud Migration

The most critical asset of any IT infrastructure is the data, its security and integrity. Migrating an IT infrastructure from one platform to another is far more challenging than it may appear at first glance. The migration journey is full of snakes and ladders. For enterprise of all sizes, there is no worse nightmare than a failed migration. A split-brain IT infrastructure simply means the business can no longer function.

Migrating Data and IT services varies drastically from one enterprise to another. Subsequently, no one solution suites all.  However, rest assured. Infraflex’s robust IT Project Management service, which is based on our unique and well-tested model guarantees risk-free migration.

Cloud Integration

Poor migration to the Cloud inevitably results in a poorly integrated -or even disintegrated- IT infrastructure. Most common consequences are:

  • Multiple isolated systems running over multiple independent platforms
  • Multiple accounts and credentials for every user
  • Security vulnerabilities and risks
  • Inadequate Access Right Control over sensitive resources
  • Total dependence on Cloud providers

Infraflex Cloud Integration service enables you to enjoy the flexibility of the Cloud without sacrificing central management, data security and integrity. This is made possible, thanks to Active Directory Federation Services.

Active Directory Federation is a widely adapted service that allows the use of SSO (Single Sign-On) across multiple platforms. This means every user needs only one password to access all resources within the enterprise. Administration is made much easier and manageable, and access right control is, once again made possible.

Azure Active Directory can integrate with the classic on-premises Active Directory Domain Services. This opens the door for seamless integration with many non-Microsoft platforms including Google App and Amazon AWS.

DBXSync Suite
Got a legacy, in premises Database that needs to talk to or synchronise with a modern, cloud-base system and tired of Googling for an off-the-shelf solution? Congratulations! You are at the right place!

DBXSync is an Infraflex-iMediavan jointly developed bespoke solution to address this problem. DBXSync architecture emphasises flexibility, customizability, security and high performance.

Flexible Architecture

DBXSync works with all well-known database combination that supports Open and Java Database Connectivity (O/J DBC):

  • Oracle Database
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • MySQL
  • MongoDB
  • InterBase

Operating Systems currently supported are Linux and Microsoft Windows 7 and above.

DBXSync was designed to adapt to virtually any deployment scenario. It can be installed on-premises or on the cloud.

How it works?

In a nutshell, DBXSync pulls changed records from the internal database and the cloud database into its own database, consolidates changes and updates back the internal and cloud databases.

DBXSync does not change existing applications in any ways, nor require existing applications to be modified, making it perfect for legacy as well as contemporary applications.

For new cloud migration scenarios, DBXSync can also upload data (i.e. items) from the existing database to the cloud database, saving you tedious labour work.