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High Performance Computing

Reach New Customers Before Your Competitors, and Retain Them

Full Metal Cloud, as the name suggests, is based on bare metal hardware. A bare metal is simply a server platform without a hypervisor. It provides complete, single-tenant access to the computing and IO resources, resulting in better and predicted performance.

The Full Metal Cloud delivers all the power and privacy of dedicated physical servers but with the flexibility of the cloud, making it the highest performance public cloud. Hadoop, NoSQL DBs, search and analytics engines reach up to 500% better performance running on Full Metal compared to virtualised clouds.

Full Metal vs Virtualised IT Infrastructure 

Predictable performance

Virtualised clouds are designed from the ground up to maximize resources utilisation by allowing as many virtual machines as possible to operate over a single physical server. This results in unpredictable performance, especially when the physical servers are oversubscribed. The hypervisor itself can consume considerable amount of resources, further lowering performance.

Running several virtual machines over a single physical server results in inefficient cache memory utilization. Cache memory takes time to “warm-up” the content. When hypervisor switches between virtual machines, the cache memory is flushed. This can happen millions of times every second!

The Full Metal cloud delivers high and predictable performance. A full metal instance is always single-tenant with direct access to the compute, memory, storage and network resources. For in-depth comparison see our blog [add link to blog]


Enhanced Security

The absence of hypervisors in the Full Metal Cloud means that the network ports are tenant-dedicated. As a result, security issues related to port sharing are eliminated by design.